Floating Photographer

By Jennifer Reynolds

What is your favorite spring activity?

4-15 f-borofsky

At the Swarthmore SEPTA station

Talia Borofsky of Wayne: Doing research on honeybees and going for a run.

Aaron Wagener of Burlington Vt.: Having picnics outside by the creek.

4-15 f-dickey

At Kandy Kids in Swarthmore

Kate Dickey of Swarthmore: Just being outside! I can’t wait to start gardening — getting the yard ready and seeing spring bulbs come up.

Grace Dickey of Swarthmore: Playing soccer for Gettysburg College this year as a freshman.

4-15 f-harrington

At the Swarthmore SEPTA station

Cooper Harrington-Fei of San Francisco: Being in weather that reminds me of home.

4-15 f-pietrangelo

At Harvey Oak Mercantile (HOM) in Swarthmore

Lora Pietrangelo of Swarthmore: The return of the Makers’ Market in late April or early May, and the return of the Farmers Market on May 14.

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