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What do you think of the Inn at Swarthmore?
Asked at the Broad Table Tavern on opening night.

By Chris Reynolds

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Diana Kahn, Swarthmore: I’m excited to see it. We pass by it every day, and we were so ready for the opening.

David Petner, Swarthmore: We live about a block away. We had a Pennsylvania Oatmeal stout, wine and cider, and they were all good.

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Dean Michelson, Swarthmore: I’ve been waiting fifteen years for this scotch! We have dinner reservations, and I actually had breakfast here too.

Ginny Lang, Swarthmore: I’m very impressed. It’s over the top! It’s going to improve our quality of life.

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Gretchen Shifflett, Swarthmore (right): I have excitedly been anticipating bringing my swim friends here on Monday nights! And my husband and I have been looking forward to having a dinner place we can walk to.

Lynn Whittaker, Devon: I have to stay in Swarthmore while my daughter is in swim practice at the college, so she didn’t have to twist my arm.

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Terry Crain, Wallingford: I grew up in Nether Providence, and live in Wallingford, and I never thought I’d be sitting in a bar in Swarthmore. Right now there are Quakers who are spinning in their graves.

Paul Kelso (right) Swarthmore: It’s kind of surreal to be having my first drink in downtown Swarthmore, because I grew up 3 blocks from here, when drinking beer would mean running from the police.
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Jamie Devlin, math teacher at SHMS, Wallingford (soon!) (left): The Inn has a very cozy atmosphere. I love the decor and menu. Looking forward to visiting again for dinner sometime soon!

Christine Anderson, PE teacher at SHHS, Folsom (middle): I love the Inn… friendly staff, nice atmosphere. Looking forward to coming back!

Amanda Jacobsen, Special Ed teaching assistant, SHMS, Wallingford: The Inn is bright, clean and airy. Looks like a great place for good food and drinks.

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Kathleen Harden, Swarthmore (left): It’s an exquisite addition to the town.

Libby Bennett, Wayne (ex-Swarthmore): I haven’t been to Swarthmore since 2002, and this brought me back!

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