Floating Photographer

What has been the best thing about your summer?
By Jennifer Reynolds

8-12 FP John Stephenson

Going off the diving board! I just got my white ribbon today. I had to pass a freestyle swim test and tread water for 60 seconds.

John Stephanson, 6
Swarthmore Swim Club

8-12 FP Andie Galante

Spending time with friends and family when I went to Ocean City, N.J., in July. I was with my parents, my sister, my friends and her friends.

Andie Galante, 11
Wallingford Swim & Racquet Club

8-12 FP Pringles boys

Spending time with family at Rehoboth Beach, where we go every summer.

Gavin Pilson, 11, left

Going to Long Beach Island with my cousins.

Brenamen Ramsey, 10
Wallingford Swim & Racquet Club

8-12 FP Golds

Going to our grandpa’s wedding in Sun Valley, Idaho, and seeing four of our six cousins from California, Virginia and Massachusetts at Cape Cod.

Aiden Gold, 10

Mira Gold, 8
Wallingford Swim & Racquet Club

8-12 FP trio

Going on rides at the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Olivia Jones, 5, left

Same answer as Olivia.

Olivia Bivens, 9, center

Spending time with my family at the beach, except for when my little sister got lost.

Aiva Jackson, 8, right
Creekside Swim Club

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