Joseph Aversa Is New Front Man for Swarthmore P.O.

12-25 joseph wp

Joseph Aversa, an 18-year veteran of the U.S. Postal Service, is now full-time window clerk at the Swarthmore Post Office. He’s made a long trip to get here. Born in Italy, he has dual citizenship in the U.S. and Italia. His parents, Ralph and Connie, moved to Philadelphia when Joseph was five years old, and Joseph has lived in South Philadelphia since. And he is definitely a city boy, ”I’ve always liked Swarthmore, even though it’s so dark in the nighttime. People here are interesting and different, and the town is pretty laid back.” Joseph has worked for USPS in various locations, from 30th Street and West Philly to Frankford and Holmesburg. He has been in Swarthmore for five years, as a clerk in the back office, and at the counter in relief of other clerks. Joseph is a direct replacement as window clerk for Pete Stunzi, who retired this September after more than 35 years with the postal service. (Pete told us that his retirement plans included joining a gym, playing golf, and fly fishing.) “With only 18 years of service, I didn’t think I’d get the job,” Joseph said. But no more senior employee bid on the post, so he became the new face of the Swarthmore Post Office. Joseph sometimes works alongside clerk Nicole Scott, who is also a relatively new arrival, having come to Swarthmore this summer. In his free time, Joseph can be found at home playing with his dog, and socializing with the many friends and family members in his daily life. Two of his cousins, may also be in your daily life: they are proprietors of the famous bakeries Aversa’s and Cacia’s.

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