Review Poem: Orchestra 2001 Concert, October 29

To review this New Music concert, perhaps a review poem is in order.

“Tied Shifts” – Derek Bermel
Notes leaping from one to the other
ending up at piano
as though in fear
as though in anger
six instruments sharing notes and beats
as though in love and hope

“Son of Chamber Symphony” – John Adams
Section 1 Bernsteinian to me story North South East finds Schoenberg
but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it
Section 2 Debussy tones first then
something way further
something way further
Section 3 Very Adamsonian
and nothing else
and nothing else

“Bodymusic” – Sebastian Currier
16 parts
plus paintings projected
plus pre-recorded sounds
Paula, Phyllis and I ordered
8 appetizers one glorious day at Aria
We liked most of them, ate all of them

“Petroushkates” – Joan Tower
as inside a field
as inside a TV
as inside a mind
to hear again

—Bob Small

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