Community Center Loses Lease

As of August 2020, the Swarthmore Community Center, over the decades a locus of arts and exercise classes, after-school clubs and teenage dances, party rentals and fundraising events, will cease to host any of these activities in the space it has occupied for the past 47 years.

Andrea Hemmenway to Be Celebrated in Memorial Concert September 27

Andrea Hemmenway studied the music of Greece at a seminar on the island of Crete. A gifted musician with an inquisitive mind, she absorbed musical inspiration from everywhere, but was perhaps especially influenced by the Greek tradition which was part of her ethnic heritage, said her mother, Diana Sophocles Hemmenway, On Friday night, September 27, that music will ring out in the sanctuary of Swarthmore Presbyterian Church, as the Pharos Ensemble — a vocal and instrumental quartet — and pianist Konstantinos Papadakis come to Swarthmore to perform in a concert celebrating Andi’s life, five years after her passing.

Building Relationships, and a Record of Service

Pennsylvania 26th District State Senator Tim Kearney and his chief of staff Sara McCullough recently met with The Swarthmorean to review results achieved during Kearney’s first eight months in office, and to discuss the political life of a first year senator as a member of the minority (Democratic) party.

Back to (Adult) School: WSCC Announces Fall Semester

Wallingford Swarthmore Community Classes is now accepting registrations for the Fall 2019 semester, which begins October 3. In addition to the popular health and fitness offerings, such as yoga, meditation, balance, zumba, pilates, kickboxing, and line dancing, this season brings an intriguing array of new subjects awaiting discovery.

Play More, Sleep Right, Learn Better

The Wallingford-Swarthmore administration has extended an invitation for interested parents to join the task force that will explore the issue of adolescent sleep and the consequences of sleep deprivation and the possibility of delaying school start times. Meanwhile, in a move likely to be celebrated by 3rd graders throughout the district, the School Board voted 8-0 at its September 9 meeting to eliminate loss of recess as a penalty for student misconduct.

The Hunt For a Vacation Home

The idea of a second home — at the shore, on a lake, or in the mountains — has a certain appeal. But my husband Greg Brown and I have studiously avoided purchasing such a place, thinking that once we do, we’ll be stuck going to that same place over and over again instead of travelling. However, that doesn’t keep us from checking out the real estate in fun places we visit! This summer we made a car trip to western North Carolina where we did look at some homes, in case we ever change our minds.

Swarthmorean Summer Travel Series
By Linton Stables

Swarthmore Is Ready for 100

Swarthmore Borough Council Update

Swarthmore Borough Council acted on several matters that promise to make the borough a healthier place to live. With several members of the Sierra Club‘s team in attendance, Council adopted Resolution 2019 -05 - Sierra Club Ready for 100. This resolution commits Swarthmore to join hundreds of other U.S. municipalities in resolving to attain 100% renewable electricity use in all homes, businesses, and government buildings within the borough (not just municipal government) by 2030.

Stress Balls, Indeed!

On Monday, Jack Stollsteimer, Democratic party candidate for Delaware County District Attorney, called for an investigation into District Attorney Kat Copeland, saying: “DA Copeland has spent more than $75,000 in county funds on giveaway items branded with her name that have no legitimate law enforcement use. Fly-swatters, backscratchers, stress balls and nail files are traditionally used as giveaway items for political campaigns.”

Shutterbugs Arise!

Swarthmore Friends of the Arts invites all photographers age 18 and older and living in the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District to participate in the “Celebrate Local Photographers” group exhibition to be held at Swarthmore Borough Hall.

First Amendment on the Agenda for Constitution Day Talk

In its October 2019 term, the Supreme Court will consider whether language in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (“because of . . . sex”) encompasses discrimination based on sexual orientation. Daniel Korobkin of the Swarthmore College class of 2002 will speak at Swarthmore on Monday, September 16 about these issues for Constitution Day (officially recognized on September 17).

Families Running aHEAD of Cancer

The McGowan and Greto families have been dealt a card that no one wants in their hands: a cancer diagnosis. The two Delaware County families will be participating in the HEADstrong Foundation’s Running aHEAD of Cancer 5k in Swarthmore on Sunday, September 22. Each has its own personal ties to the foundation and reason for making a team. 

Living a Rock and Roll Dream

Swarthmorean (and Swarthmorean co-publisher) Greg Hoy traveled up to the Catskills of New York to participate in a rock and roll dream — the “Three of a Perfect Pair” music camp hosted by members of legendary progressive rock group King Crimson. Bonus slideshows and videos included.

Swarthmorean Summer Travel Series
By Greg Hoy