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Suburban Sunday: A Day of Vigorous Relaxation

Suburban Sunday: A Day of Vigorous Relaxation

Coffee in a Paper Cup

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I start the day in my kitchen. It’s fabulous. It has a double sink, twin refrigerators, a double oven and two built-in espresso machines. I leave it and head into the ‘Ville’ to drink coffee in a paper cup. I like to remind myself what will happen if I lose my job.

Sunday Worship

I head over to any of the several local houses of worship for a service. Each week I go to a different one in no particular order. I love the fellowship and the music. I wish there were a way I could include all the faiths in my Sunday rounds. I’ve written letters to the major religious bodies suggesting a common worship day so this could happen. Maybe Wednesday would be good choice.

Lunch with Buddy**

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I take the family dog with me to lunch at Hobbs Coffee, the Co-op, Vicky’s Place, Occasionally Yours or one of the other places in town. He’s a goofy old mutt and I love him. We sit outside and he joins me in his own chair. I like to look in his eyes and see if I’ve been the kind of person he wants me to be. In the winter I wish we could sit inside where it’s warm. I’ve written a letter to Borough Council for a hearing on the matter.

Music with That

After a nap I do workouts at the Healthplex in Springfield. I put on my headphones and get pumped for a few circuits on the weight machines. I’ve got Joni Mitchell on heavy rotation, but my daughter made me a mix tape that I also like. She calls it modern music for older dads and I can’t get enough of the Sharon Van Etten song “Comeback Kid.”

Stolen Vegetables for Dinner

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I make a rice pilaf that my family loves. Or, when the mood strikes, I make a biryani. I use fresh vegetables from the farmers market, but in winter I purloin them from the neighbors’ unlocked greenhouse. They’re so good, and I make up for my thefts with cash donations to their favorite charity.

Readings from The Swarthmorean

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I relax in the evening with the Swarthmorean. As I read I draft letters to the editor. I usually do two good ones that I send off to myself. If they’re still good when I get them back, I send them in to Chris.

Running After Dark

Before I go to bed I jog through town in the darkness. I love the soft glows from the large houses, the soft plop of my feet on the empty streets. There are a few of us night runners and its fun to imagine who they are by day. The best part of night jogging is turning a corner and running toward a streetlight.

Swarthmorean Sold Again

Beatles Reunion in Swarthmore?

Beatles Reunion in Swarthmore?