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Swarthmore’s Essential Resource Guide Who? What? Where? When?

Have you ever asked yourself: “Where can I find a chorus, a nursery school, a gardening club, a church?” Or: “When can I attend an academic lecture, create art, or play baseball?” or: “How can I learn about my town’s history or its government?”

Now you can find the resources to answer these queries and hundreds more, all in one place. Simply log on to and select “Community Organizations” from the menu on the left. You will have access to a listing of more than 100 non-profit, volunteer, and community organizations based in Swarthmore and nearby towns. Each group appears with a brief description and includes street address, phone number, and contact personnel as well as links to email and website, if applicable. Your search is made easy with an alphabetized listing, a category drop-down menu, and a name entry box.

A project of the Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association, this directory is for everyone, all ages, children and adults, new residents, and long-time denizens. So, if you want to found out about art exhibits, scouting, political groups, libraries, theaters, transportation, international service organizations, recreation for kids, programs at Swarthmore College, and more, look no further. These resources are waiting for you.

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