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Wildlife Sightings This Week: August 9-15, 2019

“If you plant it, they will come” is the theme that weaves through many of this week’s submissions. Joe-pye-weed, milkweed and coneflowers are all common native plants that attract butterflies and birds. Add some wildlife attracting-plantings to your yard, and you too could be among the citizen-scientists and naturalists to be featured in this prestigious publication!

Wine of the Mill

Last fall, I decided to start a wine club at Plush Mills, where I live. I put out a letter to the residents and I got 10 people who were willing to give it a try and we held our first meeting. It went well. We have had a meeting every month where we compared wines; we asked wine experts to come talk to us; we went to local wine shops and wineries to learn from them.

Corn: Worth a Change of Plans

We changed our Cape Cod vacation plans because of corn. Yes, corn. Corn on the cob. Summer’s superstar. August is high season for corn in Pennsylvania. New England may think that it’s high season for corn there, too. But Cape Cod corn can’t hold a candle to fresh corn from the farms of Pennsylvania. If we were to go up for an extended visit in August, I would miss my summer’s quota of corn on the cob.

Pianist Dalton Ridenhour Strides into Town

Missouri native Dalton Ridenhour loves all forms of jazz, but especially ragtime and stride piano traditions. Ridenhour, the featured performer at Sunday’s Tri-State Jazz Society concert at Community Arts Center, is a New York-based pianist who plays with a bunch of different bands, including Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks, Goodbye Picasso, and Mona’s Hot Four. He is well known to aficionados of early jazz is a sensitive and gifted player.

Wildlife Sightings This Week: August 2-8, 2019

I mentioned in last week’s column that we’ve passed the midpoint between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox, and that there would soon be evidence of fall bird migration. And while I’ve read reports of warblers migrating through Cape May already, I haven’t seen any such evidence locally. Birds often migrate South by riding cold fronts down from Canada. With cooler weather predicted for next week, keep an eye peeled for greater bird variety.

Dracula: the Bloody Truth at Hedgerow

Next week, Hedgerow Theatre opens its production of Dracula, the Bloody Truth, a comic reassessment of the vampire legend told by novelist Bram Stoker. What if Stoker‘s Dracula was not fiction at all, but fact, asks playwright John Nicholson? The play explores the possibilities in a month-long run, with several previews preceding opening night, Friday, August 16, and continuing through September 15.

PCS Presents Schoolhouse Rock Live!

Schoolhouse Rock, a pop culture phenomenon over the past four decades, comes to the area in its latest incarnation as an all ages musical, to be staged August 10-18 in the Players Club of Swarthmore’s Summer Children’s Series. Based on the Saturday morning cartoon series seen on ABC-TV from the 1970s through the 1990s, Schoolhouse Rock Live! teaches history, grammar, math, and more to a whole new generation through hit songs including “Conjunction Junction,” “Just a Bill,” “Interplanet Janet” or “Three is a Magic Number.” 

Wildlife Sightings This Week: July 26 - August 1, 2019

My own outings this week have proved fruitless (and fauna-less), so I’m especially pleased to have received submissions out of Rutledge and Rose Valley. Now if only some Nether Providence residents would participate. There is great habitat in Nether Providence, with Crum Creek Reservoir, the Houston Tract/Urban Field and Leiper Park, among others. Surely there are some regular walkers/observers of these areas, so please come forward!

Wildlife Sightings This Week: July 20-25, 2019

Thanks for the interest shown in the Swarthmorean’s new “Wildlife Sightings” report. This week, my own observations have consisted of a common garter snake and a crayfish, both in Little Crum Creek where it emerges from its underground conduit on our property at the corner of Lafayette and South Princeton Avenue.

Rutledge Borough Council Report

On a night when tornado-like winds struck Swarthmore, most of Rose Valley and much of Wallingford were darkened by power outages, Swarthmore Police Chief Ray Stuflett told the assembled members of Rutledge Borough Council, “You guys are lucky.” In fact there was at least one emergency call from Rutledge for a fire ignited by a lightning strike.