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The Roadshow Rolls through Winterthur

Swarthmorean Summer Travel Series
By Elizabeth Vogdes

“No photos,” said the signs posted everywhere at the Antiques Roadshow. As an avid photographer, I felt as if I had just sat down for a long-anticipated feast only to be told that eating was forbidden. But the atmosphere was so festive that I could almost forget my deprivation on this beautiful June day.

Just a State of Mind?

Swarthmorean Summer Travel Series
By Louise Coffin

State College is the name of the 4.5-square-mile town in Centre County, Pennsylvania. University Park is the main campus of Pennsylvania State University located in State College — and beyond. State College (remember, that’s the town) has a population of 42,000-plus. Penn State’s University Park enrollment of undergraduate and graduate students is about 46,000. Without the addition of Penn State students, the town’s population density is more than 9,000 people per square mile. With, … well, you can do the math. It is one crowded place, especially when out-of-towners visit during the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, held for the past 54 years during four days in July.

Seeking Great Cheese, and How it’s Made

Swarthmorean Summer Travel Series
By Malcolm Reynolds

On Memorial Day, my good friend Alex Schaff and I set out from Swarthmore for the enchanting hills and meadows of New England, with the goal of visiting and talking with dairy farmers and cheesemakers. Alex, who suggested the trip, is a prospective veterinarian and a master’s student of dairy science at Colorado State University; I work as a cheesemonger at DiBruno’s in Philadelphia. So one could say the idea didn’t just come out of the blue!