Seeking Great Cheese, and How it’s Made

Swarthmorean’s Summer Travels

On Memorial Day, my good friend Alex Schaff and I set out from Swarthmore for the enchanting hills and meadows of New England, with the goal of visiting and talking with dairy farmers and cheesemakers. Alex, who suggested the trip, is a prospective veterinarian and a master’s student of dairy science at Colorado State University; I work as a cheesemonger at DiBruno’s in Philadelphia. So one could say the idea didn’t just come out of the blue!

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Heard Through the Grapevine: Wine Bar Planned for Park Avenue

Like quite a few of their fellow Swarthmoreans, Jill Gaieski and Lori Knauer enjoy a glass of good wine. Together, they’ve also pursued the Certified Specialist in Wine designation at the Wine School in Philadelphia, a serious program that incorporates aspects of oenology and oenophilia. Now, out of their appreciation of wine, its variety and lore, the two are working to bring Swarthmore a wine bar and bistro named Village Vine, which they plan to open next year in the former Compendium location at 6 Park Avenue. FREE ARTICLE

It's Here!

Today is a big day for us at The Swarthmorean. Ever since Todd and Rob purchased the paper at the start of this year, a primary goal has been to increase our following. This means providing great community coverage in any format you want — print or digital.

Readers have enjoyed our printed newspaper for over 125 years, and we will continue to offer it for those of you who crave the tactile bliss of flipping pages front-to-back. And while there have been a few incarnations of our website in the past, there wasn’t a strategy in place to provide all of the content you read each week online, in a reader-friendly format that can sustain our publication over time. We’re now happy to say we’re on our way, and it starts with the brand new digital version of The Swarthmorean.