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The Hunt for a Vacation Home

Swarthmorean Summer Travel Series
By Linton Stables

The idea of a second home — at the shore, on a lake, or in the mountains — has a certain appeal. But my husband Greg Brown and I have studiously avoided purchasing such a place, thinking that once we do, we’ll be stuck going to that same place over and over again instead of travelling. However, that doesn’t keep us from checking out the real estate in fun places we visit! This summer we made a car trip to western North Carolina where we did look at some homes, in case we ever change our minds.

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Searching for Harry Miller, a Swarthmore Hero and D-Day Flying Ace

Think of the stereotypical World War II flying ace: dashing, handsome, focused, fearless, tireless, and beloved by everyone he knows. You’re imagining a Swarthmore native known to the Miller family as Uncle Harry. He was handsome and slight, full of swagger and charisma. His heroic tale started more than 75 years ago, and the last chapter is still being written.

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