Elma Jones: a Real Friend

This past week a multitude of people from all over the Philadelphia area joined together to say goodbye to a real and beloved friend; one who was always there when a friend was hurting. Even with a large family, for whom she was the rock, and the glue that held them together, she always made time to help her hundreds of friends. Her name was Elma Jones.

July 4 was a blast

It was another wonderful (okay, a little hot) Independence Day in Swarthmore!  While the day’s events may seem to flow effortlessly, there is a lot of behind the scenes planning. There are many people to thank, so please forgive me if I have missed you...

Another successful run

It was another hot and steamy Independence Eve 8K last Wednesday, but this time without thunder and lightning in the distance that we had last year. Special thanks to all of the neighbors living along the race route who provided relief to the runners with spray hoses, sprinklers, and plenty of water. Proceeds from the 8K will support Lions charities including the Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Chester, Camp Kirby, Beacon Lodge, and the Lions Holiday Food Basket program.

Welcome to the hockey stick world! Most sentient beings are aware of Al Gore’s 2006 movie which graphically displayed the accelerating pace of climate change as a graph that increases upward slowly for decades and then suddenly shoots up alarmingly – like a hockey stick. His “wake-up” predictions have come to pass with droughts, floods, and unprecedented severe and bizarre weather patterns. It is not going to return to normal, and reducing your driving and air travel isn’t going to arrest a very difficult future that is shaping up for our children.

A hidden gem retires from SRA

Tucked in at Swarthmore Friends Meeting House or the Presbyterian Church, Joyce Perry has been the director of SRA Preschool since around 1968. I’ll do the math for you — that is a long time. Fifty years to be exact, and she has made an amazing contribution to the community of Swarthmore and SRA during her tenure.

I chortled, more chuckled when I read Jim Riviello’s letter (Swarthmorean, June 21).  I thought: “Whoa, that is some fine ironic writing. We all know that no Swarthmore residents including the June 21 letter writer could, in actuality, possibly support a racist and misogynist President.” 

In response to last week’s Trump-bashing letter: We live in an oligarchy, run by career politicians bought by the multi-nation corporations, globalists, and PACs that control them. We will NEVER take back our country, freedom, and live by the constitution until we take back our federal government, then dismantle it back only to its Constitutional responsibilities and give power back to the States, where we citizens can more effectively oversee and participate in our republic.

It has become much more obvious that our President, Donald J. Trump, is a flimflam man, who everyday creates his own false narrative to feed his megalomanical ego. The startling, yet sad, realization is that the president does not really care about solving issues or closing deals. He cares only about creating a sense of movement, of action, of appearing strong, not weak. The incredible thing is not that two-thirds of the public believe he is lying about his achievements, but that it is not one hundred who believe this. 

An epic anniversary

On behalf of the Swarthmore Public Library (SwPL), I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the community of Swarthmore for their generosity, enthusiasm and heartfelt support of our recent 90th anniversary celebration.

Ah — Memorial Day — hopefully good weather for picnics, yard projects, just enjoying a long, lazy weekend. But why do we really have this springtime long weekend? The hope and expectation is that we will take some time to reflect and maybe even attend a memorial ceremony that honors those who died in wars that our country has fought in in the defense of freedom — both home and abroad.

This year, 2019, marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of P.E.O., an international philanthropic organization that celebrates the advancement of women. This is accomplished by funding women’s education through scholarships, grants, awards, and loans. P.E.O. also supports a four-year college, Cottey College, in Nevada, Missouri.

I thought I could relax and no longer have to read all the labels on dairy products. But then I began reviewing some nutritional pages that talked about the toxicity of tofu and soy (never again) and dairy products. I learned that the milk sold at the Swarthmore Co-op and at Target was rBGH free. I also learned that each rBGH cow produces ten pounds more milk per day, and needs 10% less feed - a big profit incentive for the dairy industry. (Ten years ago they successfully lobbied Harrisburg to pass legislation — since rescinded — making it illegal to label dairy as rBGH free.)

Congratulations and thanks to all of the runners and walkers who participated in last Sunday’s 18th Annual Swarthmore Charity Fun-Fair 5K sponsored by the Swarthmore Lions Club and the Swarthmore Rotary Club. It turned out to be a beautiful day and the storms that had been forecast held off.