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‘Far from being a perfect man’

To the Editor:

Over this past weekend, once again, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to bash the memory of Senator John McCain. To hear Trump, a putative draft dodger who never served in the military, disrespect a man who was a genuine war hero and life-long public servant is simply beyond the pale of human decency. The juxtaposition of Trump, who is seemingly amoral, if not immoral, and John McCain, whose ethical and moral character was his calling card, is strikingly glaring and disturbing.

Mr. Trump, we all have gotten to know you very well and it is obvious to all that you have none of the virtues of John McCain. Arguably, you have spent very little of your life, if any, serving anything or anyone other than your own greed and personal needs. John McCain, by his own admission, was far from being a perfect man, but you have displayed, for all to see, that you are a far more deeply flawed human being than he.

Mr. President, do you not see that you are making yourself look petty, weak and foolish in these attacks. The more you attempt to tear down and belittle the legacy of John McCain, the more you highlight and magnify your own deficiencies.

Ken Derow

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