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Support Your Fire Company

To all Swarthmoreans:

Since 1894, the Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association has been serving the community of Swarthmore, protecting against fire, the loss of life and property. Today, in addition to responding to fire calls, the department answers hundreds of emergency medical calls each year.

As a volunteer company, it relies heavily on public support and donations to continue providing services to Swarthmore and surrounding communities. The SFPA is now in the midst of its annual fund drive and, so far, donations are down.

I am asking my fellow Swarthmoreans to consider the value of the fire company to all of us in Swarthmore, and to join your neighbors by donating generously to support this essential community service. Checks can be made out to “Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association” P.O. Box 261, Swarthmore, PA, 19081 or, if you wish to donate by credit card, go to their website at Thank you for helping.

Marty Spiegel, Mayor

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