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Wellness Fair makes seniors brighter

To the Editor:

Old age comes at a bad time, but the pushback to this comes with the Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association through its creative and informative weekly programs at the Gathering Place, as well as excursions to interesting area sites and events (including an upcoming Phillies game).

All of this culminates in the now annual Senior Citizen’s Wellness Fair hosted at the welcoming setting of the Inn at Swarthmore, where an impressive array of guest speakers addressed a wide range of topics of interest and importance to seniors. These included a presentation by the Delaware County Attorney General’s office on various scams about which seniors need to be on the alert; a session updating iPads and iPhones for techies and technophobes alike; a session on the interface of traditional and alternative medicine working together for a healthier lifestyle; and a summary session on various levels of care provided by senior living facilities in the area.

Lively conversations around the lunch tables and in the hallways between sessions were indicators of another successful Fair, and are reasons to mark your calendars for March 28, 2020.

Bruce Stephens

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