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On Media and Truth

To the Editor:

As I read through the Mueller report, one thing struck me, and reminded me of the Watergate investigation. A constant refrain within the Mueller report, when citing the origin of a situation to be investigated, is “as reported in the media,” “as reported by the New York Times,” “as reported in the Washington Post,” etc. Despite recently and constantly being called “fake news” by those in power, such media outlets continue to be, at times, the only group able to ferret out the facts (as opposed to the ‘alternative facts’). We should all be very grateful to the media of this country for their continuing efforts to uncover the truth for the benefit of all of us, even in the face of those who would hide it from us, or willingly and without hesitation present a distorted version of events.

Here’s to the Fourth Estate!

Roy Brandow

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Begone, vile weed!

Begone, vile weed!