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Deserving Dems

To the Editor:

In next Tuesday’s primary election, there will be more candidates running for Delaware County Court of Common Pleas than there are seats available. That’s true for both parties. Democrats will be asked to choose four candidates from a list of eleven, and Republicans will select four from a list of ten.

So how to choose? I encourage all Democrats to vote for the party’s four endorsed candidates: Nusrat Rashid, Rick Lowe, Stephanie Klein, and Kelly Eckel.

These four were chosen from a field of ten in a rigorous and widely representative process involving more than 1,000 Delaware County Democratic committee members and elected officials. In dozens of forums and meetings held throughout the county, these committee members and officials listened to and questioned all the hopefuls. At a convention in February, nearly 900 of them voted overwhelmingly to endorse Rashid, Lowe, Klein and Eckel as having the deep experience and outstanding judicial temperament to serve us well on the Delaware County bench.

The four endorsed candidates deserve the support of all Democratic voters.

Andrea Knox

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