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May Fair thanks

To the Swarthmorean Community:

The Helen Kate Furness Free Library’s 2019 May Fair celebration last weekend was a wonderful success, with great weather and even better volunteers, who pulled together to help the community celebrate spring. Special thanks go to:

  • Liz and Carey Corey brought the Media Fire Company

  • Connie Watson, Anne Hollyer and Judy Voet sold out at the plant sale

  • Heather Donofrio organized the sign-up genius and provided supplies

  • Henry Pearlberg and Nicholas Pignataro from the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District; Jared Reed and Owen Corey from Hedgerow brought performing arts to the library

  • Jen Stock balanced and helped with all the activities

  • Lori Friedgen-Veitch shared her generous spirit, and a drum!

  • Kaitlin Gurney got the bounce house (always a kid favorite)

  • Bob Siwicki and Jon Lichtenstein manned the grills

  • Erin Walsh, Helen Kane and Bill Kane helped with the games and setup and worked the concession tent

  • Jen Zwitch got the word out, then contributed treats and help to the bake sale

  • The Miller family helped with tickets and games, and best of all, brought the fun

  • Penny Sass looped in local groups

  • Jack Scott emceed the open mic

  • Mari Ayala and Judy Voet made the bake sale go sweetly

  • Kerri Phipps helped all around

  • Sara Klockars-Clauser painted art and smiles on so many kids’ faces

  • Kelly Kaminski followed the money and ran the raffle

  • Donna Ferruzzi made the jewelry sale look like a million dollars

  • Ranita Chakrabarti made ACT @ Furness a huge hit with wonderful performances, great fun and a new crowd

  • Student performers shared an amazing range of talents

  • Woody Johnson and the Book Sale crew lined ‘em up and checked ‘em out, both buyers and books

  • Lynne Alvarez got the ACT tent, helped with everything under the sun, and was the first one there and the last to leave.

Board, staff and volunteers, I thank you for supporting the library, at May Fair and every day, to help others enjoy what the library has to offer.  

Greg Miller
HKF May Fair Chair

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