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It's the economy

To the Editor:

Ken Deron blames our willfully shortsighted myopia and our attack on Mother Nature for the threat it presents to our survival as a species. [Swarthmorean, May 10]

Those of us who believe Darwin’s idea about the origin of species will also believe that the extinction of our species will happen when we have altered our global environment to the extent that we have eliminated any safe niche we can call home and must evolve — or “devolve” — into a different life form. “Better living through chemistry” and its technological cousins appears to have happened as a result of our vaunted imaginations: can the selfish gene, which only cares for personal reproduction in one episode of regeneration, and not for future generations, be tamed? Prophetic voices counsel care for generations we will never live to see, but most people vote only on current issues, and with attention to their personal pocketbooks.

John Brodsky

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