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Real changes, or chaos?

To the Editor:

It has become much more obvious that our President, Donald J. Trump, is a flimflam man, who everyday creates his own false narrative to feed his megalomanical ego. The startling, yet sad, realization is that the president does not really care about solving issues or closing deals. He cares only about creating a sense of movement, of action, of appearing strong, not weak. The incredible thing is not that two-thirds of the public believe he is lying about his achievements, but that it is not one hundred who believe this. 

Whether the issue is immigration reform, denuclearizing North Korea, or thwarting future Russian meddling in our elections, the President is all about claiming victory for an actual win, when it is mostly a smoke and mirrors illusion.

Mr. Trump, we are not all chumps for you to play and manipulate. Most of us see you for what you are, and in November 2020 your lies and deceptions will likely get you decisively, and deservedly, voted out of office.

Ken Derow

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