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Renewable Energy in Swarthmore

To the Editor:

I recently attended PennEnvironment’s “Climate on Tap” Happy Hour in Swarthmore, featuring food, drink, and State Senator Tim Kearney. The main issue discussed was the Senator’s support of the 100% Renewable Energy bill, which aims to have Pennsylvania using 100% renewable energy sources by the year 2050. 

It was great to see so many Swarthmore residents come out and show their support for environmental issues that impact their area, and it is especially nice to see Senator Kearney rallying for key issues that his constituents care about. State Representative Dave Delloso also made an appearance at the event and was able to speak with the citizens he represents about important environmental issues that concern them. As someone who cares deeply about the environment, it was great to see elected officials actively engaging with citizens on these issues. I hope both Senator Kearney and Representative Delloso continue to support environmental legislation in the future.

Overall, this was an awesome event that allowed Swarthmore citizens to voice their desire for change while supporting an environmental champion in Senator Kearney. I hope that Swarthmore residents advocate for change and their elected officials put these calls to action!

Julie Rebh
Churchville, Pa.

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