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Trump is ousting the oligarchs

To the Editor:

In response to last week’s Trump-bashing letter: We live in an oligarchy, run by career politicians bought by the multi-nation corporations, globalists, and PACs that control them. We will NEVER take back our country, freedom, and live by the constitution until we take back our federal government, then dismantle it back only to its Constitutional responsibilities and give power back to the States, where we citizens can more effectively oversee and participate in our republic.

When you hear a politician calling for fairness and fighting the corporations, realize that is a lying and manipulative career politician who allows the oligarchy to continue. All the career politicians are the con men and snake oil salesmen. It is not about party for me; it is about our representative republic and our individual freedom and liberty.

Trump was the best candidate last election and so far appears to be so in this election to help us gain back our country. Sure, Trump has character flaws, and he should have vetoed the last budget, but I see Trump as a citizen who supports this fight. The real problem is Congress. Trump cannot save our republic by himself. Do not be sucked in by all the spin and lies of these career politicians. Vote them out and let’s take our country back!

Jim Riviello

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