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The Real Problem

To the Editor:

Enough with the Trump bashing. It’s the Republicans in Congress who are going along with him - because of the tax cuts for the rich and his Supreme Court choices -who should be pilloried.

The Donald should be ignored (and, more often than we think, he is), even though he is busy ruining this country, our democracy and the western world. He is just a narcissistic egomaniac out for his own fame and fortune, governing from his gut while ignoring facts and research, meaning he is a wannabe despot. His trusted advisors are his inexperienced family members, alternative-facts Kellyanne Conway and right-wing hawks, while most other people in his administration have been fired and replaced with unprincipled people with goals like his own—namely helping the rich get richer by supporting the global corporate elite and in the process harming our environment, shortchanging our schools, diminishing workers’ rights. And not to forget, this man of countless lies is mistreating asylum seekers, dishing out threats before withdrawing them, and gladly accepting lies by his current non-venerable U.S. Attorney General.

But why am I getting lost in details when his biggest blunders were the rather swift withdrawals from the 2016 Paris climate agreement and the 2015 Iran nuclear deal? Who in Congress would support a president like this? Evil people, if you ask me. (Definition of evil: “morally reprehensible.”)

And the few Republicans who didn’t want to go along with his policies (if you can call them that) wouldn’t run for re-election. Who said it’s the Democrats who don’t have spines?

Gudrun Weinberg

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