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Why the polarization?

To the Editor:

With his support for President Trump, reader Jim Riviello clearly presents an example of the ideological polarity that is dividing us. (Swarthmorean, June 21.) Describing all career politicians as con men and snake oil salesmen is a cry for protection in a world seen as dangerous and competitive. Feeling a need to reduce the power of a central government to a state level is like wanting the safety of a family rather than trusting a neighborhood, much less a country, much less a world. Both the trusting nature of the left wing and the suspicious nature of the right wing can be supported by evidence; people are both cooperative and competitive. It’s the nature of any social animal. The middle position is the only one likely to be functional.

The interesting question is why this problem has become so fractious. I suggest that the left wing nature of our previously rich, powerful, benevolent, and safe country is facing a global challenge which is making a current right wing percentage of our electorate feel poor, weak, angry, and threatened.

John Brodsky

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