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Take responsibility; take action

To the Editor:

I watched Robert Mueller answer questions about the Mueller report on TV last Wednesday: not fun, not comfortable, not entertaining. I almost shut it off a few times; that’s when my inner voice kicked in with “If he can sit there, after two long years and take it, so can I.”

The question and answer format, rotating between Democrats and Republicans, was not informative. (As expected, Director Mueller referred back to the report for his responses.) This format did not trigger any new or sudden insights for me. It did, however, leave me with a renewed sense of conviction, resolve and deep concern for our country’s future.

And here’s my takeaway, the Myra Report:

  • Our democracy is under attack, from within and from without. This attack is happening daily, systematically.

  • We cannot deny it or wish it away

  • As a retired social worker and teacher, parent and grandparent of Jewish heritage, I hope for support from people who share my beliefs

  • As an Independent, I welcome (indeed I need) help from other like-minded people

Let each and every one of us take action.

Myra D. Hochman

Thanks from ‘Children of the Wind’

Appreciating the small things

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