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Restoring Trails in Rose Valley

Restoring Trails in Rose Valley

To the Editor:

Trail workers (L to R) Dave Firn, Jim Audley, and Bill Hale.

Trail workers (L to R) Dave Firn, Jim Audley, and Bill Hale.

Last month, a team of neighbors and other nature lovers got together to make the wonders and surprises of the outdoors more accessible. In a weeklong project led by Jim Audley, more than 1,200 feet of chronically muddy segments of trail in the Saul Wildlife Sanctuary were converted from unpleasant to exemplary, thanks to the efforts and commitment of volunteers who worked about 250 hours.

The project involved excavating and leveling with gravel 850 feet of existing trail, rerouting several sections and creating 384 feet of new trail, digging ditches, and installing embankments and water bars. The main emphasis of the work was to move, spread, compact and level 16 tons of stone in various sizes, and another 6 tons of soil. The gravel was moved by front end loader; the earth, mostly by shovel. 

The project was considered and approved by Rose Valley’s Environmental Advisory Council, and funded by $2,000 from Borough Council and $450 in donations from EAC members. Lunch for the workers was generously provided by 320 Market Café.

Users of the trails stopped as we were working to express their appreciation and their delight with the improvement being made. We have had several heavy rains since completion and the old mud spots have not reappeared.

 Volunteers were truly productive, and many felt a sense of accomplishment. They expressed a desire to be notified for the next project. We will hold you to that … but for now, our hearty thanks to Jim Audley, Chris Bourke, Dave Firn, Bill Hale, Ron Ploeg,  Jim Castellan, Mary Beth Kelley, Dave Crawford, Roger Latham, Rob Laird, Leonard Busby, Justin Stopford, Barkley Surrick, Will Swartzentruber, Gabe Ma, Kai Garcia, Matt Hurchalla, and Bill Schicktanz. 

Monica Gagliardi
Environmental Advisory Council
Rose Valley

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