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Bikers: find another shortcut

Bikers: find another shortcut

To the Community:

Bicycle riders traveling from Cornell and Rutgers avenues to downtown: please stop using the driveway of 107 Rutgers Ave. (the building next to the post office) as a cut-through.

This is a narrow, one-outlet-for-cars driveway. There have been a number of close calls with bikes whizzing around the corner of the building, or several riders spread out across the drive, startling our residents (who are not expecting traffic).

This is private property. The public thoroughfare is on the other side of the building, near the post office. I know our driveway is probably a bit easier to navigate than the sharper turns of the public walkway, but one is private property and the other . . . ISN’T.

Thank you for your consideration of the safety issues and the basic rights of others.

Heather Jorgensen

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