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NIMBY and compassion fatigue

To the Editor:

I’m sure glad the hurricane didn’t come anywhere near me…

… relieved that I don’t have to deal with refugees from El Salvador and Honduras swarming over my doorstep.

… glad that I’m not near that incinerator in Chester that’s polluting the air and causing breathing problems.

… feeling relief that there’s a doorman in my condo (or a stout lock on my front door) to keep the bad people out. Like the salesmen trying to make a living by selling their stuff — or dogooders trying to get me to sign their darn petitions or contribute to the Girl Scouts or whatever.

But I recognize the challenge to my “inner NIMBY” and my compassion fatigue, and I want to honor my connection to the human family. I want to honor it with action, however small and limited, in the face of the enormous challenges that are facing us as we peruse our morning papers over our coffees.

Rob Dreyfus

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Swarthmore Library needs you

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