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Over this past weekend, once again, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to bash the memory of Senator John McCain. To hear Trump, a putative draft dodger who never served in the military, disrespect a man who was a genuine war hero and life-long public servant is simply beyond the pale of human decency.

The historic election of 2017 sent two Democrats to the Delaware County Council for the first time, and Democrats swept the county “row offices” — Register of Wills, Controller, and Sheriff. After decades of GOP control of county government, our newly elected officials have discovered no-bid contracts, the mismanagement of the state’s only private prison (George Hill Correctional Facility), and the potential risks that a natural gas liquids pipeline poses to our community’s safety, among many other issues.

The Interfaith Council of Southern Delaware County raises its voice in mourning for those who were murdered on Friday by a white supremacist terrorists in Christchurch, New Zealand. As members of diverse faith communities united in our values of respect for the right of all persons to worship freely, we stand together in holding the victims of this horrific attack in our prayers. We condemn this violence against the Muslim community in the strongest terms; an attack on one faith is an attack on all faiths.