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Begone, vile weed!

[Garlic mustard] displaces nearly every other plant in its vicinity. We have spent countless hours over the past five years pulling it out, as have the garden staff at Pendle Hill. Garlic mustard is a biennial and after a light crop last year, has returned this year in full force.

Fire Company Donations

May I suggest that if you think you cannot make a meaningful one-time donation to the Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association and feel embarrassed to donate just a little, you donate that “little” on a monthly basis, set up through your bank’s “bill pay” mechanism?

I was among those standing throughout the CCC performance at White Horse Village Saturday evening. Every seat in the auditorium was taken. The Chorus rewarded its audience with a varied program of classical, operatic, popular, jazz and gospel pieces, all performed with superb musicianship and infectious spirit. The audience returned the favor with a standing ovation that resounded until the last of the children had paraded out of the auditorium.

Since 1894, the Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association has been serving the community of Swarthmore, protecting against fire, the loss of life and property. Today, in addition to responding to fire calls, the department answers hundreds of emergency medical calls each year.

Arrogant blustering. Obsession with vengeance, no matter the cost. A bloodthirsty cruelty. The relentless demand for others to join him in his delusional, dangerous world. No, it wasn’t a day in the White House, but an evening with Captain Ahab at Hedgerow Theatre where I experienced a remarkable production of Moby-Dick.