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Lunch and learning

At last Thursday’s Swarthmore Rotary Club luncheon meeting at the Inn at Swarthmore, I was fascinated by the presentation by Greg Brown, V.P. for Finance and Administration at Swarthmore College. Greg discussed the present and upcoming construction projects at the College. 

With good reason and understandable indignation, Rob Dreyfus reminds us that 20-plus Democratic candidates only “tinker” with our problems (Swarthmorean, July 12). With understandable indignation and some reasoning, Jim Riviello tells us that career politicians are con men and snake oil salesmen (Swarthmorean, June 21). Joshua Kalla and Ethan Porter tell us that highly detailed public opinion surveys suggest that “An overwhelming majority of legislators [are] uninterested in learning about their constituents’ views” (New York Times, July 12).

The fabric of our society in the United States is being tested as it has not been, arguably, since the Civil War. We are not facing the prospect of states seceding or of an armed conflict (yet), but we are facing a real threat and challenge to our way of life and to the successful functioning of our democratic republic.

July 4 was a blast

It was another wonderful (okay, a little hot) Independence Day in Swarthmore!  While the day’s events may seem to flow effortlessly, there is a lot of behind the scenes planning. There are many people to thank, so please forgive me if I have missed you...

Another successful run

It was another hot and steamy Independence Eve 8K last Wednesday, but this time without thunder and lightning in the distance that we had last year. Special thanks to all of the neighbors living along the race route who provided relief to the runners with spray hoses, sprinklers, and plenty of water. Proceeds from the 8K will support Lions charities including the Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Chester, Camp Kirby, Beacon Lodge, and the Lions Holiday Food Basket program.

Welcome to the hockey stick world! Most sentient beings are aware of Al Gore’s 2006 movie which graphically displayed the accelerating pace of climate change as a graph that increases upward slowly for decades and then suddenly shoots up alarmingly – like a hockey stick. His “wake-up” predictions have come to pass with droughts, floods, and unprecedented severe and bizarre weather patterns. It is not going to return to normal, and reducing your driving and air travel isn’t going to arrest a very difficult future that is shaping up for our children.

A hidden gem retires from SRA

Tucked in at Swarthmore Friends Meeting House or the Presbyterian Church, Joyce Perry has been the director of SRA Preschool since around 1968. I’ll do the math for you — that is a long time. Fifty years to be exact, and she has made an amazing contribution to the community of Swarthmore and SRA during her tenure.