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Poems by Karen Brandow

What would the world
look like
If I could see it
another set of eyes.
Away from the
That brought
My history and heredity
What would the world
look like?

Every person
Has their Story
To tell.
It is In
The telling
That frames One,
The Words
Spoken Aloud.

Become History
Just As
Must Become

A Baby’s Smile

When you smile at me,
You see me,
You see only me.
Not me in my past
Not me in my potential future,
Not all my constant thoughts flowing out.
You see me,
A face that has become familiar,
A face that brings a smile to your lips 
Untold joy to me.

How did it happen
When did it change
I don’t remember
I don’t recall
It happened so quickly
I know I was there
It happened so quietly
Rather quite sneakily
The changes that came
Without my approval
Or my consent
Those changes
That changed
My youth 
For my age.

Karen Brandow enjoys living in Swarthmore, jotting down random thoughts and musings on life.

Sunset Beach

Early Spring