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Saturday Night, Cape Cod

Saturday Night, Cape Cod

Peanut butter brickle
Two scoops for the man
with the sunburned cheeks
and the spare tire 
waiting to blow

One kiddie cone vanilla
Tiny girl in a sparkly pink tee shirt
Howls for more

Gelato? No ma’am
Strawberry homemade
Heavy cream
Handpicked, ripe fruit
Cows free to
crop grass
Local farm

Salty caramel
With hot fudge for the
the woman in the floppy straw hat 
Porcelain skin
Staccato voice rising
whispers to her
He’s leaving 

Rum raisin, banana, moose tracks
Three teen boys perching 
on outside benches
Sandhill cranes
Pinging phones
Flapping off 

A minute to ten
Frozen arms
Chocolate syrup, caramel
drips and cherry splatters
on my apron
Tastier than a Jackson Pollock

Last call
Small boy
crumpled dollars
bare feet, no shirt
Rule breaker
Chocolate marshmallow two scoops
with sprinkles
On the house

Ode to a Snapping Turtle